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U-Haul driver realizes in time he's not the irresistible force who can take on an unmovable bridge on a river road

Darcy had little choice but to watch as the U-Haul driver backed 'er up on Soldiers Field Road this morning:



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U-Haul's slogan used to be "adventure in moving," about the last thing anyone wants when they move.

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There's been some news (surprisingly not on UHub) about Baker wanting MassDOT to take the river roads from DCR.

Hopefully that happens. Nothing is going to stop over-height vehicles entirely but MassDOT is much better at sign and warning devices. (Plus, no reason for DCR to be maintaining any roads apart from the ones actually in state parks.)

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MassDOT is much better at sign and warning devices.

My cat is better than DCR at signage and warning devices.

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Let's take the river roads from large vehicle transportation and make them back into actual parks.

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