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UMass Amherst has option for students who want to return to campus this fall, just not that particular campus

UMass Amherst yesterday notified students and parents that students who want to return to campus this fall can do so, with major restrictions (like no visitors in their dorm rooms and the requirement to take a Covid-19 test on demand, oh, and most classes will be held remotely, anyway).

But the school says it has an option for students who are all about that campus life but who might not feel comfortable actually being on the state's largest public-university campus - its satellite campus 80 miles away in Newton.

In one of numerous FAQs on college life during a pandemic, UMass Amherst writes:

Students who are seeking a residential experience but are uncomfortable returning to the Amherst campus have the option of applying for housing on the Mount Ida Campus in Newton, Mass., while taking courses remotely.

UMass Amherst bought the financially troubled Mount Ida to establish a beachhead in the Boston area in 2018 (over some strong objections from UMass Boston).

H/t Liz Lemongrab.



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I was driving through Newton yesterday and saw the huge UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS AT AMHERST (Mount Ida Campus) sign and just about drove off the road. Still seems odd and just a bit unfair - especially to UMass Boston.

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When we suddenly had to retrieve daughter from Amherst in March, she had a bunch of books out from the UMass library - which she was able to return with a trip to Newton, just up Baker Street.

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