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Walsh cuts proposed city budget a bit due to coronavirus-related revenue losses

WBZ reports Mayor Walsh today is submitting a revised, $3.6-billion budget to the City Council - about $65 million less than the first one he submitted, due to revenue losses associated with Covid-19.

The budget also includes a proposed $12-million shift from the police overtime budget to various public-health and "equity" budgets following the mayor's declaration that racism is a public-health crisis in Boston.

At the press conference on Friday at which he announced the overtime budget transfer, the mayor cautioned more cuts might be needed depending on what the state legislature and the governor finally decide on for local aid for the fiscal year that starts July 1.

More budget details.

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The MBTA is broke, Cites and towns will son be broke, the courts and schools are in dire need of money. Taxes must be raised on the poor and middle class. In the Orwellian state of Massachusetts the government isn't here to help you it exists to tell you how stupid you are.

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Taxes won't be raised on the poor, Chicken Little.

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Simple solution is to consolidate pension systems and shrink physical school funding & busing in favor of expanded learning from home.

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