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Winthrop Golf Club is town's latest Covid-19 cluster corner

The town of Winthrop reports it has identified a third cluster of Covid-19 cases, this time linked to the Winthrop Golf Club, which has resulted in at least six cases among people who were there last weekend.

The town is now urging anybody who visited the club between Oct. 23 and Oct. 25 to get a Covid-19 test - and to "limit their interactions" with other people until after they get back their test results, and those test results are negative.

The cases are separate from the 22 cases linked to gatherings the week before at the Elks Club and the Pleasant Park Yacht Club.

The town says it now has a Covid-19 rate of 35.4 cases per 100,000 residents - a standard measurement of Covid-19 spread even in communities with far fewer than 100,000 actual residents. The state will color any town with a rate of 8 or higher as red on its Covid-19 risk map.

The state reports 96 new cases in Winthrop over the past two weeks.

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Seems like the *least* likely sport of all for spreading the virus. Non-contact, only one player at a time. Any idea how it happened?

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The nineteenth hole.

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Sounds like they may have been in the actual club?

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Instead of 'golfing' they were drinking at the club bar all day and telling their wives 'we were playing golf'.

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That's probably how the Covid19 outbreak began.d

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The Winthrop Golf Club/Clubhouse is probably where the cluster originated. Technically, we are a dry town so the popularity of these private clubs endure: The Golf Club, The Elks, the three yacht clubs: Pleasant Park, Cottage Park and Winthrop. People go there to drink and members have to spent a certain/required amount on food each month. My mom's best friend/my aunty's husband is a member/he plays golf -- so they ordered food for pick up but luckily did not go in, it was brought out to the car/she says there was no close contact. Still plenty of folks I'm sure are going inside to get their food and/or hanging out and obviously it's a bad idea since these clusters keep happening with people gathering around town in these locations and apparently not wearing masks/not doing social distancing and not being careful or aware in general.

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