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Black students, groups at UMass Amherst hit with barrage of racist crap

A Springfield minister whose son is a senior majoring in architecture at UMass Amherst has posted a copy of a racist email sent to Black students on campus.

In an email to students, Nefertiti Walker, vice chancellor and chief diversity officer at the Commonwealth's supposed "Flagship Campus" acknowledged the email as well as:

Other acts of anti-Black hate imposed on our community through the “Contact Us” online forms of registered student organizations, as well as an incident involving the offender driving by and yelling an anti-Black racist epithet at a group of Black students.

Walker added that in addition to meeting with and providing help to students who have been targeted, UMass Police and the campus IT department are working to trace the source of the messages.

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How does one get a list of black students attending a university? I have confidence that computer crime experts will solve this hate crime within a week.

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It says they were putting racist stuff in the "contact us" feature, so there is probably a website for the UMass Black Students Association and someone wrote racist messages via that site.

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Basically "we're hiding our identity to avoid the fake cries of racism, now let me say a whole bunch of abhorrently racist thoughts..."

I will say, I am impressed, usually bigots do not so eloquently demonstrate how ignorance is central to racial hatred. It's just a shame they lacked the courage to come out and use the N-word, the clearly wanted to. That and sign their real name to the letter. If you are so sure that it's everyone vs. the Black students, what are you so afraid of?

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and you invoke that it is the post Red Sox - Mets fights of 1986.

Poor example and a terrible reach.

This email is an example of a dork trying to get their message of idiocy out there and you accept it as what most believe. Think harder.

By the way, the Globe's coverage of the protests outside the frat where someone was accused of sexual assault made it sound like it was a group of people from Upinthemountainstan quietly protesting Downinthevalleystan oppressing their people with some signs outside the State House.

I have a source who tells me cars were flipped and lots and lots of things were thrown. That didn't make it into the paper.

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This email is an example of a dork trying to get their message of idiocy out there and you accept it as what most believe. Think harder.

Would you be willing to wait and find out what it actually is?

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Absolutely Not.

Go back to petting your stuffed cat.

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...and you knew it when you wrote your gratuitously snotty response. You want to dismiss this without knowing what's actually going on? Ok. Glad we cleared that up.

Go back to stroking your swollen ego.

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You might learn something and not fly off the handle like you did. Because the comment you pounded your keyboard over wasn't about baseball, but what happened in Amherst after the World Series that year:

World Series Touches Off Racial Clashes, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 15, 1986:

AMHERST, Mass.--Ever since the Red Sox lost the World Series, Black and Hispanic students say life in this small college town 100 miles from Boston's Fenway Park has become a nightmare.

A fight between white Red Sox fans and Black boosters of the New York Mets injured a bystander after the final game of the series and unearthed racial tensions at the University of Massachusetts which have since spread to nearby colleges.

A racial slur was painted on the steps of Smith College a week after the World Series. Rumors floated that a white student in a Ku Klux Klan outfit at a Halloween party won a prize for the costume. Black women complained of stepped up harassment.

Photo: Police in riot gear and dogs, staging near UMass Amherst buses, ca. November 1986

University tries to mend racial divisions, Washington Post, March 7, 1990:

Since a racial brawl on the University of Massachusetts campus in late October 1986 ended with an angry white mob pounding a black student into unconsciousness, the anniversary of that episode has been marked by a series of seminars, speeches and symbolic events designed to infuse the academic community with a spirit of multicultural understanding. The official name is Civility Week. Many black students call it Servility Week.

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I brought up the fights if you didn't notice.

Perhaps if you didn't fly off the handle and take 10 seconds to think, you might realize that some of us natives knew what happened back then and don't have to Google it.

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It shouldn't be hard to find out where it originated but probably impossible to tie it to an individual. She said it was sent to every black student on campus, that is a huge digital fingerprint.

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Adam, what's with the snark here?
"the Commonwealth's supposed 'Flagship Campus'"

like... that's just a fact. It is the Flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts system.

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When I read about stuff like this at what is supposed to be the leading exemplar of our public higher-educational system, I'm not sure "flagship" is the word I'd want to use (and yes, as the father of a recent graduate of the institution, I know what it calls itself).

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