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Copley Square library to partially re-open Tuesday, with all services and branches to fully re-open two weeks later

BPL reports the Copley Square library, including the courtyard and computers, will re-open to the public on Tuesday, with limited stacks available for browsing, although the children's room will remain closed.

Some services, such as research collections and the Kirstein Business Library, will re-open, but will require appointments in advance.

On June 14, all public areas in the library will re-open - as will all the neighborhood branches.

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One wonderful benefit of the pandemic is that electronic resources vendors allowed libraries to open many “in-library only” resources to those at home with a library card*. I have been reading the New York Times for free all pandemic. Also, I did genealogical research for myself and a dear friend via the library edition of Ancestry.com and archival newspapers (side note: the Cape Verdean migration of the 20th century is surprisingly well documented.)

I hope this stays permanent, but I am both realistic and understanding that it probably won’t last much longer now libraries are re-opening.

(*For those unaware, as the state’s library of last resort, all residents of the Commonwealth are entitled to a BPL library card—I believe I learned this on UHub many years ago. Also, you can easily get library card numbers online/remotely with an email address.)


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I can't wait to be able to get into the stacks! I love libraries.

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