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Property owner betting all those people moving into new apartments and condos in Forest Hills need more room to store their stuff

The owner of a construction yard at 75 Stedman St., behind the Arborway bus depot, says he will soon file plans with the BPDA to replace the yard with a 120,000-square-foot self-storage building.

The proposal by Colm O'Shea would mean the second self-storage place in an area in which hundreds of residential units have replaced garages, construction yards and other commercial concerns in recent years.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, a consultant on the project says its research makes it confident the "new, beautifully designed" self-storage building will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, especially as it would replace what is now a construction yard.

The other self-storage place went up a few years ago as part of a development at Washington and McBride streets.

75 Stedman St. filings and calendar.


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And trying to decide between smoking or renting a storage locker, go with the cigarettes.

When you decide give it up, it will be much easier to stop smoking.


Colm O'Shea (from the Application) is not a Developer. He's the hard-working, blue-collar property owner who has created and housed his business of excavation and snow plowing on said location. He tried and tried with the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association to bring a nice mixed use or residential project at that large site for YEARS. It's JUST DESSERTS for the Nimbys in SNA who shot him down every-single-time. Now they'll get what he can do as-of-right = a self-storage facility! HAHA! Glad I don't live there.


Post updated.

Looking at the previous filings for 50 Stedman housing development, it seems like many of comments opposed were about procedural errors - not informing abutters etc. but this outcome - self storage rather than much-needed housing - is a really unfortunate outcome.


They just dont want to have to live among them. "Heavens! (waves fan at face) can you even imagine seeing those people living next door?...To me!?!?!"

… business owner blue collar is a stretch. His employees and his future storage space renters may be, but he just isn’t.

Sure, a Tanner, or a Buckley, and maybe a Mikaela or two from the Midwest will use these but in reality these are popping up all over as corporations are looking to exploit our insane housing market and prey on financially distressed Bostonians.

And sprawl and heating of spaces we never use, etc.


Having smaller units and storage spaces makes a lot more sense than sprawling cities and the wasteful amount of space that people consider "normal" in the US.

I cringe every time I hear the term "starter home" defined as larger than the place where I raised two kids and housed an extra during the pandemic shut downs. A place that is as large as the combined square footage of the two places my husband and I lived in with our 4 and 5 person families.

Your concept of space is at odds with what most of the developed world considers to be necessary, affordability, and the future of the planet.

Sincerely, a Mikhaela.