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Firefighter, resident injured in three-alarm Roxbury fire; firefighters keep it from spreading to nearby houses despite wind

Fire at 48 Edgewood St.

The Boston Fire Department reports that ten residents were displaced by a three-alarm fire this afternoon at 48 Edgewood St. in Roxbury.

One firefighter was injured by falling chimney bricks, the department says, adding one resident also had to be transported to the hospital.

The department reports its units were able to keep the fire contained to the single six-unit building despite increasingly fierce winds.

Firefighters were ordered out of the building early on; the roof eventually collapsed.

Some firefighters will stay on site overnight to deal with any potential flareups.


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Looking at the streetview it's pretty wild how much worse the maintenance of the subject building is compared to the rest of the block. Makes you wonder if the injuries here could have been prevented by higher pride in ownership.

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Hope everyone will be ok. These windy conditions are treacherous.

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