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Hot, hot, hot

Boston community centers will all be open as cooling centers tomorrow and Wednesday. Find locations, along with locations of city pools (which still require reservations for swim times) and tot sprays (no reservations required, but watch for tots).

The National Weather Service says the heat should break by Thursday, although it could remain oppressively humid, with heavy showers possible.

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...are not being enforced, nor are crowd sizes, at the Cambridge pool on Rindge ave, so be aware if you plan on pooling. This pool is state-run, so maybe the city ones will be better.

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There were at least two heat related blackouts on the Dorchester/Mattapan line this morning. Thankfully I had banked up enough cool air in my bedroom to get me through the problem.

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I'm not responsible for my reaction.:)

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There's a sidewalk grate alongside the Stata Center that is blowing beautifully cool air. Thanks, MIT!

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