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If you thought those loud jets were for Opening Day, you were right

Fighter jets and a tanker plane

Roman Lilligren captured the two F-15 fighter jets from the New Hampshire Air National Guard and a KC-46 Pegasus refueling plane over Harvard Square. They were in town to fly over Fenway Park for Opening Day.

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they would have played it yesterday in spite of the predicted rain - which came and went well before the game was scheduled to start anyway - as several people predicted would happen two days ago.


Perhaps the baseball game would have been over by then, but perhaps not. The Red Sox did know that today would be a much better day. On one of the radio stations, I heard that there is always an scheduled off-day after Opening Day in order to allow such a delay.


I am so glad our tax dollars and military personnel and equipment are used to promote private investments. Even if they paid for the promotional stunt, I don’t think MLB is much of an inspiration for the military. Individual players and teams and coaches perhaps.

# 2. Major League Baseball (MLB) — $10 Billion


Relax.. The military uses these opportunities to train junior pilots and to help them gain needed flight time to become skilled airmen. The airtime would happen whether there was a ball game or not. No extraneous expenditure of tax dollars with these.


Don’t want to be the experiment of pilots in training.

Pilots are continuously accruing flight time, it keeps them well trained. Every second you spend in flight on a commercial aircraft is counting towards that pilots flight hours. There's a big airport in Boston that has many of these aircraft coming and going every day.

"Well, we were going to burn this pile of money somewhere, so why not do it in the middle of downtown so it makes a big spectacle?"

Maybe the people complaining are pointing out that...maybe...we shouldn't be burning a huge pile of money on something with relatively no benefit to the American people at all?

Partnering with a company that kills its own workers


Why did we have to call in New Hampshire?


WCVB has the F-15 being from our own 104th Fighter Wing out of Barnes, which is the only unit in the MA Air National Guard with fighters. If you want an F-35, and a refueling tanker, you have to look elsewhere.



So they can’t make it from Westfield and back without refueling? Is there a hybrid version of the F-15 available?

The F-15C that the 104th FW operates has a combat range of ~1200 miles, and much longer with external fuel tanks. So they could easily make the trip from KBAF to Fenway and back without refueling, but they didn't just make a quick round trip out and back. And if they did refuel, it was part of the training mission that incorporated a flyover of Fenway.


NH used to have several attached to Pease when it was a SAC base. My BIL serviced them when he was active duty.

April 2nd and the Sox are already out of gas? Damn!


how the heck did Roman get that shot!


And I heard and saw them and wondered what the occasion was. Thanks for the update. Always awe inspiring to see them fly overhead, though never sure if that's good or frightening.