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Imagine having to deal with this

Everett Firefighters Local 143 has posted some video of that flaming scrapyard when firefighters first arrived this morning:


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But a HUGE thank you to the brave men and women of the local fire departments who responded and put their lives on the line to keep everyone safe!!

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Never heard that building-- 1 Dalton, right?-- called that, but of course.

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That scrap yard catches fire several times a year. Not generally this bad, but the fire department is over putting out a fire there every 3-4 months or so...at what point does the owner have to either start paying for fire department response, or take steps to stop setting their facilities on fire?

Also, let's add on that this property is directly adjacent to the natural gas dock/storage tanks AND a stones throw Exxon/Mobile's huge tank yard in everett/chelsea.

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