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Indiana murder suspect nabbed at 128 rest stop


State Police report arresting a man wanted for killing his girlfriend in Anderson, IN on Dec. 21.

State Police say they found Alexander Ortiz, 37, in his girlfriend's Acura at the rest stop just past the Rte. 16 exit on Rte. 128 in Newton around 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

They add that police in Madison County, IN had been tracking Ortiz since he fled Andrea Aguirre's home after stabbing her repeatedly in her bedroom. Her two toddler sons were unharmed; her body was discovered when her husband, from whom she was separated, arrived at the house to check on her and the children.

Innocent, etc.


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How did they find him? Are the highways now covered with license plate cameras which alert the police to the location of a wanted vehicle?

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Or there was. The statewide system was shutdown a year ago due to errors in data logging (https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/12/23/metro/after-finding-glitch-massac...) but I sure don't know if it's back online.

However, the system on the Pike that replaces the toll booths is certainly still in use, so if he traveled on the Pike at all, possibly before getting off onto I-95 South (128) and taking a rest at the Newton service plaza where he was captured...

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They caught him in her car. Somebody who did that might also be using her credit card.

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Electronic toll system! Not sure if police are alerted or whether they have to scroll through tons of pictures. But one would gather in 2021 they have a system that simply alerts them if a certain license plate.

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At least in Massachusetts it's possible to avoid all tolls. It's not so easy in some places, like crossing the Hudson, etc.

Though if there aren't yet cameras logging license plates on non-toll roads, it can't be long before there are.

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