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Jamaica Plain cafe for sale

If you've ever wanted to run a cafe in one of the cafe-iest parts of Boston, here's your chance: Ula Cafe in the Brewery Complex in Jamaica Plain is for sale.

A sales listing for the cafe says :

Never closed during the pandemic and sales stayed strong despite no indoor seating. Primed for growth post-COVID but needs new website, some internal work and effective management. 2019 revenue was $1,150,000. It has not been profitable the past two years.

The listing adds that the owner, who lives in Rhode Island, is looking to concentrate on a couple of businesses he runs there.

In 2016, Rik Kleinfeldt and Paula Anderson bought the cafe, which had been one of the customers for their New Harvest Coffee Roasters of Pawtucket, from Korinn Koslofsky, who had opened the cafe in 2007 with partner Kate Bancroft.

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It’s just too nice a place with too good coffee and food to be profitable in the strict sense of the word. A huge success for the community though.

I hope someone keeps it going. And not Caffe Nero.


They are just saying it hasn’t been profitable in 2020 and 2021. During the pandemic.

Without Caffe Nero, where would JP writers create?

Caffè Nero is definitely the best coffee "chain" around. It doesn't have the multi national chain feel at all, at least in the Boston locations (and especially JP).

Too bad. I loved the old Ula. I loved the new Ula. I hope someone replaces it with the same vibe and similar offerings.


I'm down, I just need someone to help teach me how to run a cafe!

The whole point is that you don't need to.

Huh? Once you buy it, seems like you then need to run it, no? Or at least know people who can keep it running/improve upon it. On the listing it even says it needs better management.

Cool. I don't have any culinary or barista skills but I can help with the business side of things.

I've got the baking and cooking part...I just need the $ part!

Love Ula and have been patronizing them throughout the pandemic. But the vibe there has been off lately. The staff seem stressed out or disinterested and frequently mess up orders. Not sure if it's management or the pandemic, or maybe both. But other local cafes have been running this whole time without the same sense of ennui. Definitely want them to succeed and hope a new owner can breathe new life into it. Crossing my fingers it doesn't become a chain.

Ula is dope . Good atmosphere not too bougie not too sterile just comfy like a coffee house should bec