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Janey to name BPD Superintendent Nora Baston as new police commissioner

Karyn Regal at WBZ Newsradio reports Janey will make it official at a 4 p.m. press conference.


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why Nora Baston was chosen. Acting Mayor Janey has an opportunity with this annoucement to spell out what kinds of challenges the department faces.

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This was always gonna be a lose-lose situation for Janey.

At least she's able to keep the diversity aspect to fend off (some) the black pastor's outrage at relieving Dennis White, who they'll support just because he's black, and old, and from Dorchester.

She's gonna conjure up some good faith amongst women (maybe). There was never gonna be an easy answer. I rather anger the pastor's crowd than the progressive anti-DV crowd.

She should stave off some additional BPD criticism in hiring one of their own. But of course, the Globe and the educated intelligentsia will say she should have opened a nationwide search.

I was indifferent because the accusation was muddled and so old. Wel never knows its veracity really, but regardless- Dennis White is probably no longer credible in many circles.

Janey should be able to say these things aloud, but she's not a particularly authoritative individual. And she doesn't want to anger too many folks. Wish we could have a mayor who would talk like that. But I like her.

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Everyone spoke too soon!

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