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Man charged with attempted kidnapping at Ellis School playground in Roxbury last week

Suspect nabbed

Surveillance video via BPD.

Boston Police report arresting Charles Marriro, 58, of Dorchester, on charges he tried to grab a student off the playground at the Ellis School on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury on the afternoon of Dec. 15.

Police say officers arrested Marriro today on Harold Street, just a couple blocks from the school. He was charged with assault and battery and attempted kidnapping, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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It is important to nail down all of your potential deductions before the end of the year. With the BBB implosion and expiration in 2022, he must want his child tax credit for 2021.

Strictly white collar crime here. No bail, community service, and punishment of having to listen to an entire Elizabeth Warren speech start to finish. Time served.

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This man tried to kidnap an elementary school child. Can you not put aside your bizarre racist hate speech for just one minute and be glad that he's off the streets and the child is safe?

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How are your loser nonsense feeels feeling today?

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