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Man charged with committing that most typical of West Roxbury crimes: Trying car doors to find the ones that are unlocked and easy to grab stuff from

Boston Police report officers last night arrested a local man as a possible suspect in a recent string of West Roxbury car burglaries - with the help of an alert resident who called 911 and a police dog they say sniffed the guy out when he tried to hide in some bushes.

Henry Lindemann, 19, was charged with attempted breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and trespassing, police say.

Police say there's been an upsurge in recent reports from the leafy neighborhood of somebody going up and down local streets, trying car doors and then taking stuff out of the unlocked ones. Police have been trying for more than a decade now, with varying levels of success, to convince West Roxbury residents to lock their car doors at night.

Police say a resident called 911 around 10:30 p.m. to report an attempted car break-in in the area of Vermont and Potomac streets.

On approach, officers were informed that the suspect and a second unidentified male were observed attempting to gain entry to several parked motor vehicles in the area by pulling on the door handles. Officers have responded to several recent calls on the district involving break-ins to unlocked motor vehicles. Upon arrival, officers began to canvass the area, eventually locating the suspect with the assistance of members of the BPD K-9 Unit as he attempted to conceal himself in the bushes of a residence on Lasell Street.

Lasell is a couple blocks up Lagrange from Vermont and Potomac.

Police say they continue to hunt for Lindemann's accomplice.

Police add:

The Boston Police Department reminds all our residents across the City of Boston to secure their vehicles to help ensure they don’t become an easy target for these types of crimes.

Innocent, etc.


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The most reviled act you can commit in West Roxbury is building multi-family housing.

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Curious if this is the same guy who graduated from CM in '20 and was also an Eagle Scout.


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Boys, thank you for reminding us why character matters here at CM.


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