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Massachusetts jury trials paused a month due to Covid-19

The Supreme Judicial Court today ordered a halt to all jury trials in state courts until Jan. 31 due to the rapid rise in Covid-19 cases, and the potential difficulties of conducting trials in courtrooms crowded with lots of people.

Courts otherwise remain open, but the court continues to urge all parties to handle matters via Zoom or telephone calls whenever possible.

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Muttonheads are up in arms because schools are canceling for another day or two because the state could not get test kits out earlier this week. The anti-vaxxers are just short of pointing guns at teachers to get back to teaching about things that the anti-vaxxers will later say are UnAmerican.

Got it.

State courts, which includes judges, court staff, court officers, get to mostly "work from home" for another month.

Got it.

Judges can slide, teachers and staff (many of which have to go to school on Sunday to get tested) have to run the gauntlet of ridicule from DESE. Don't forget, the guy in charge of the education department in the state worked for charter schools. It is like having Shirley Leung installed as the head of the BPDA.

Charlie Baker has just came down with a huge case of Senoritis or is at least the 2015 case he got with the T has re-manifested itself. Expect whatever Diehl and Polito supporters are already in government positions to run around like the little lizards they are trying to do as much damage as they can this year.

PS - Saw my first Diehl for Governor sticker yesterday. I can't believe it was on a Dodge Pickup. Who would have thought it?

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