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New Fields Corner supermarket has old Dorchester roots

The Dorchester Reporter reports on the opening of the new Price Rite in Fields Corner, with an owner and landlord whose Dorchester market roots go back decades.

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Support your local businesses, people. They're community - Amazon isn't.

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The Food Basket had a serious shoplifting problem , it got really bad, you had to check in and out like a criminal.

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Bunch of stores on Dot Ave have this policy, unfortunately.

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I shopped at Price Rite in Fields Corner today. They spent a lot of money renovating and updating the place. It's clean, well lit, and well organized. Produce and meat looked good. The employees were helpful and did a good job answering questions.
AFB made you check your bags or backpack before you could shop. Price Rite had a friendly security guard at the door, but no bag check. AFB employees were never friendly and seemed to hate their jobs.
Good job Price Rite, at least on opening day. We will see how things play out.

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