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Reminder to residents of meter-infused neighborhoods: You have to pay for meter parking again

Monday was the last day of coronavirus-related parking without payment for residents with parking stickers at meters in their own neighborhoods: BTD workers are once again ticketing even the be-stickered who don't feed a meter or who stay at a metered space for more than two hours.

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what if im out of work, not paying rent, collecting unemployment and my unregistered, uninspected car just sits in front of my house everyday collecting new parking violations?

unemployment is no longer including the extra $300 per week!!

am i eligible for any kind of parking stimulus?

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The used car market is red hot. Anyone who has a car they don't use is sitting on a small windfall.

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Oh yeah that $300 is such a windfall in Boston. I am going to go to Bora Bora on it.

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I had no idea this was a thing. But it explains the fullness of the spaces!

A nice-to-have policy would be that the be-stickered could parking in 2h/metered spaces on street sweeping days (on the non-swept side of the street, of course).

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Would be for Boston to stop (expletive) spending money.

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Parking stickers are just legal space saving and it costs the city millions to give the few free parking.

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