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The Revere tornado and the most Boston news report evah

Today is the anniversary of the 2014 Revere tornado, the first recorded in modern history in Suffolk County and the source of this classic Boston news report:


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I used to play in an adult instructional/rec league at Cronin. We got off the ice just before midnight the night before, I couldn’t believe it when I woke up and read part of the roof had been ripped off.

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Before that tornado I was never really that aware that weather could be so micro targeting.

If you look at the intersection of rt 16 and Broadway and draw a box four blocks out each way around it you get four quadrants. NE, NW, SE and SW. The north ones being in Revere and the south ones being in Chelsea. I lived in the SW quadrant and my power flickered and it was real crazy outside so I figured I would just be late to work so I called in that I'd be late.

I left my house and went to go to work but lots of streets were closed. Being the local city councillor at the time I wanted to figure out was going on so I made my way to the SE corner and saw some downed light posts, a tree I believe, some damage to a few walls. It seemed pretty messy but more like a really bad storm.

So I drive to work in Medford abd the tv is playing, my boss is shocked I was in. He saw there was a tornado and knew my power went out, he assumed I wasn't coming in... A tornado was news to me so I called a few people in the zone and they had no clue. Then I saw the helicopter footage and that it really started doing damage at the rink as you passed from the SE into the NE quadrant and did most of its damage in the NE.

I imagine it would be scary knowing there was a tornado , but being about three blocks from one without knowing it was a wake up call for me.

I still have my 2014 FB post with pictures from the SE corner where I chalked it up to a microburst and just told people to avoid the streets because of closures.

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Glad to see you can channel things into coherent sentences.

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Shove him to prove your manhood?

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He's just upset because I made a funny at his expense over some whining about masks that proved to be popular with the thumbs up voters.

I just wish his comment actually made sense. If it was to point out that the story was long and unprovoked , I've got news for him I've already acknowledged that on this blog. Wouldn't be new news.

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Ole townie John letting us know how badass he is.


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