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Shuttered Mary Ann's could re-open in Allston

Ed. note: An earlier version of this story referred to Franklin Street in Downtown Crossing, because the UHub reporting staff failed to look at the Zip code in the filing.

Mary Ann's, for decades the sticky-floored haven for thirsty BC students, is seeking permission to move to Franklin Street at the end of Harvard Avenue in Allston as its Cleveland Circle location is turned into a marijuana mart.

At a Boston Licensing Board hearing on Wednesday, the current bar's City Realty-affiliated owners - who have been on a tear buying up Boston-area dives over the past few years - will seek permission to up and move Mary Ann's to 4-8 Franklin St., at the corner of Cambridge Street, where Harvard Avenue becomes Franklin Street.

The new location is part of City Realty's six-building Allston Square development.

The licensing board's hearings start at 10 a.m.


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hopefully change the name to something classy like "Tim Allen's Tool Time Bar"

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so we will be one of the filthiest, most disgusting establishments in the city. we will serve underage patrons nightly until we get caught and then RESUME serving minors as soon as the license suspension ends! we have nice lovely, spacious booths that are perfect size and spot for unconscious 19 year old girls to pass out. the custom floors are so sticky it'll pull your flip flops off and the place will stink like a porta potty covered in hot vomit 24/7/365. we are also a very good spot for bookmakers looking to get those college dollar$ out of the underclassmen before draftkings can!! once we even had an NCAA basketball point shaving scandal, involving henry hill, that was planned right at our bar!! fights? we got em? people hooking up in the mens room? check. drugs? wink wink. we've got it all and them some. google us, youll see how well known we are.

wait this is for allston? nevermind.

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Keep Allston gritty or have more life sciences labs space?

Your description is excellent, sounds terrible in a very specific way.

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Someone didn’t get let in huh?

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This is literally across the street from the former Allston Depot/Regina's that is getting ready to become the new home of Great Scott. Seems like all that is really moving is the name and the liquor license. This isn't even in BC turf. Pass it along to BU.

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....all the way and have it referred to as the new Father's First which used to be on Harvard Ave back in the '80's. I could be wrong, but I believe they are all owned by the same people. (same indoor signage, etc....)

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I used to live near there -- that's actually a really sweet little neighborhood, and I don't think drunk college kids will be a good addition.

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parking lots, and cab stands that filled this part of Braintree and Franklin for decades appreciate your concern.

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and I'm not concerned about that. But drunk people have a way of, you know... walking several blocks sometimes? (Or stumbling, really.)

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the last thing the neighborhood needs is an asshole magnet. The last one (the Kells) resulted in a stabbing (after years of angry bro fights, loud shouting on the way back to the T, drunk driving, and casual vandalism of the cars and properties on the way out. Keep the BC bros in Cleveland Circle.

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