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Somebody breaking into homes owned by Asian-Americans in Newton, police say


Surveillance photos of suspect via Newton PD.

Newton Police are investigating five break-ins over the past month that all involved homes owned by Asian-Americans.

All five involved forced entry into the house, by a man who looked for jewelry, cash, and handbags, police say.

The detectives are actively seeking to learn if Asians are being specifically targeted but do not have any definitive information yet. The Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan’s Office has been notified.

  • 6/13/21 – 900 block of Walnut Street
  • 6/19/21 – 600 block of Dedham Street
  • 6/20/21 – Helene Road
  • 6/27/21 – 700 block of Quinobequin Road
  • 7/10/21 – Country Club Road

Police say they have stepped up patrols and have canvassed homes near the ones burglarized to find any possible surveillance video or other evidence.

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller and Police Chief John Carmichael will hold a Zoom meeting on the break-ins, starting at 8 p.m. on Thursday (Webinar ID: 884 0137 5624; passcode: 410462).

The photos of the suspect come from the Dedham Street and Helene Road break-ins. If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-796-2104 or the anonymous tip line at 617-796-2121.


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That’s a lower case “if?”

Proper jurisprudence is necessary, of course.

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It’s been a while since I took a stats class, but going by Newton’s 2010 census data (11.5% of residents are Asian), and ignoring mixed race households, etc, there’s around a 0.002% (0.115^5) chance that this is random.

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That would be 0.2%, close to the chance of getting covid on the streets. Should I call your math teachers too?

Edit: As a friend who knows math points out I was wrong mathematically but not otherwise. The probability these break-ins were random is about the same as that of catching covid in the streets.

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I'd say we should call your math teachers, but clearly you never took the class where you learn how to calculate the probability of n independent events, and pmall did. Way to self-own, dude.

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The detectives are actively seeking to learn

Well how about focusing on nailing the perp first? You can interrogate him instead of doing questionable probability theory.

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Hey, the Newton PD detectives phone line is in the story, why don't you give them a call and tell them how to do their jobs?

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Racist motivations aside, it does make fiscal sense for a burglar to target Asian Americans. Wealthier asian americans are usually new money, and people with new money spend it. Their houses contain more loot.

Add to that cultural quirks. If you want to steal name brand handbags, target Koreans. If you want to steal gold, target Indians.

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That rising glow from the east is not the sun, making its first appearance in a week. No, it's Refugee showing his rosy red ass.

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Rise and shine!

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For the Uhub science geeks: What is the probability of ALL Yankees pitchers getting covid while vaccinated? Do you need to know the advertised efficacy or real-life efficacy to do the calculation?

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For the Uhub trolls: what's that grinding sound? It's Notfromanywhere's ax, which it has long since ground down to a nub.

Go play in traffic, child, grown folks are talking.

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