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South End group revives fund to help people replace tires slashed for parking in somebody else's 'space'

The South End is the only neighborhood where you're never supposed to save a space after a snowstorm, but people do,

And then other people remove the space savers and then still other people park there and sometimes wake up the next morning to find their tires slashed, so the South End Forum, which pushed for the no-saver rule, has restarted the South End Forum Spacesaver Vandalism Victim Fund to reimburse the owners of newly slashed tires.

WFXT has more.




How about a fund to disarm knife wielding neighbors?

But isn't that what having car insurance, which is mandatory in Massachusetts, is for?

Apparently you've never heard of "Deductible".


Collision insurance, which covers damage to your own vehicle, is optional. Insurance for injuring someone else, or someone else's property, is mandatory.

Now that Mahty is gone, maybe our new mayor will be less of a hack and will have the guts to finally put an end to this backward tribal custom and return the streets to the public.


Think about how routine double parking certain spots is simply accepted as part of life in the city. In theory, cops aggressively ticking for that would reduce the frequency of it, but I think it's viewed as being a poor use of their time given the appeal system, requirement that cops also go to court etc.... So, imagine you ban space savers. In some neighborhoods, people would still use them and the city doesn't have the will or the resource to enforce a ban. I'm ok with 48 hours and then done, if people respect the cap.

Will the public start paying to clear the sidewalk in front of my house? After all, other people walk on that sidewalk a lot more often than I do.

One would think that the same people who write parking tickets could, you know, write parking tickets?

How are you going to ticket a space saver? The problem is people vandalizing cars when those cars are parked in spaces marked by other people (which is wrong) and vandalism = cops.