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Three students at South Shore high school to be charged with making a social-media threat against the school

Not long after Whitman-Hanson School Superintendent Jeffrey Szymaniak e-mailed parents this morning that no social-media threats had been made against the district's high school, Szymaniak learned that, in fact, a threat had been made against the school.

Now three students at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School face criminal charges in juvenile court and school disciplinary action, Szymaniak and police in Whitman and Hanson said in a statement this afternoon:

At approximately 9 a.m. this morning, the school was informed that Whitman-Hanson students had allegedly posted a picture on social media of a threatening nature, following non-specific potential threats of violence made toward numerous school districts over the weekend. The post showed a Whitman-Hanson student holding a realistic-looking pellet gun with a caption telling people not to come to school on Monday.

The statement continues:

Students and family members cooperated fully throughout the investigation, and it was determined that there was no credible threat to the school community as a result of the post.

In an e-mail to parents, Szymaniak provided a few additional details: The photo had been taken at an "off-school activity earlier in the year and as a 'prank' a concerning caption was added to the photo and posted this morning."

He added that both he and police take such things very seriously and as more than just a "prank."


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Whitman Hanson High is 15 miles from the water.

Belmont High is 15 miles from the water. Would you say Belmont High is "North Shore"?

Somebody on Boston.com called Somerset and Attleboro South Shore today. Typical Glob editing.

Whitman is just a mill town south of Boston. T'aint no shore there.

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Adam is not the first to add W-H to the region: https://www.southshorechamber.org/our-region.html

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What do THEY know?

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The South Shore COC absorbed the Brockton based Metro South Chamber of Commerce because it was so pathetic. They kept the name of the larger organization.

Whitman is not the South Shore. No more than Wellesley is part of Roslindale.

All of you from Ohio or Brooklyn commenting on the geography outside of the Five Mile Zone Outside of Coolidge Corner, shaddup.

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I would consider it south shore. South until Plymouth. I grew up in Holbrook and consider it "South Shore".

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South South is everything east of 24 and north of Bourne

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Everyone native to the area would agree with your east of the RT 24 corridor definition. Furthermore local news media and the every single weather person has always lumped Whitman into the South Shore for as long as I can remember back to at least the ‘80s.

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I feel only sort of bad living rent free in your head.

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I grew up in Marshfield and don't think of Whitman or Hanson South Shore. That's just me.

Saying that, we were in the South Shore League which included shore towns like Duxbury, Cohasset and Hull, but also included E. Bridgewater, W. Bridgewater, Apponequet (Lakeville) and Holbrook.

Go figure.

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