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Wellesley residents urged to lock house doors after weekend burglary spree involving unlocked houses

But at least Wellesleyites aren't leaving their car keys in their unlocked cars like residents in certain neighboring towns that Wellesley PD is too polite to name, per the Swellesley Report.

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A locked garage is all it took to foil the most malicious minds of eBay.

Wellesley PD might want to APB Facebook and Amazon - tech giants tend to copy one another so they might be the culprits.

We had 4-5 adults around all the time for over a year. Four of us worked from home, and we didn't do much more than short trips out (and very rarely all of us at a time). There were maybe 3-4 hours out of 24 that someone was not awake.

It took a little time to get everyone in the habit of locking up again after all that. I suspect we aren't alone in getting sloppy about this.

It also helps to not have the people in residence clustered in a small sub-area of an expansive home. When you look at some of these huge rambling houses, it doesn't surprise me that someone could sneak in and take stuff without waking the occupants.

How many houses had Welcome mats?

Dogs would go insane if strangers just walked into the house. Years ago I heard a radio show in which a detective said that the best detergent against burglars is a dog. The burglars often scope out a house ahead of time and if they hear a dog at a house, they skip that house.

Houses without dogs are sooo much easier.

... when we had a dog (even though he was an easily-bribable English Setter -- he would have been an early warning system -- at least until he was given pats and scritches).

"... a detective said that the best detergent against burglars is a dog."

I've always felt that having a clean burglar in the house is preferable to a soiled one. Thanks for the tip!


Always willing to help!

This is so good I'm leaving my post as is!

… a water bowl on front and back porch can help too. There there is always the dangerous dog warning sign.

Last week, a large section of Hopkinton had cars broken into, or if unlocked like mine, had their contents checked out. Not sure what they were looking for as they ignored my brand new 1/2" torque wrench and a Leatherman.