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Winthrop murderer kept a diary of his loathsome thoughts, DA says

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office yesterday released what it said were the more racists excerpts from a diary kept by Nathan Allen, who killed two Black Winthrop residents, David Green and Ramona Cooper before a Winthrop police officer shot him dead.

You can read the excerpts at the link below.

Also, he didn't think much of women, even though he was married to one, the DA's office says:

Men need to kill things.
Women do not understand men.

Less than 48 hours before he stole a truck in Revere, slammed into a building in Winthrop and murdered two people, Allen wrote more of his hatred for Blacks - and his hope that one day his wife, whom he had married just last year, would come to share his views.

DA Rachael Rollins said his wife was as horrified as anybody else by what happened. Rollins praised her, and the rest of Allen's family, for their help in the investigation:

The Allen family is devastated by the deaths of Staff Sergeant Cooper and Trooper Green and offer their heartfelt condolences to each family.  The Allen family – including Nathan’s parents, sibling, wife, and her parents – have met with our investigative team at every request and have cooperated at each turn. We would not have had immediate access to all of the information we do now without their full cooperation. Further, there has been no indication or evidence that the Allen family was aware of Nathan’s intent or apparent ideologies. They have stated that they denounce any form of hatred or racism and request privacy during this difficult time. All three of these families – the Coopers, the Greens, and the Allens - are survivors of homicide, and my office will provide resources and assistance in whatever way we can for them.

PDF icon Complete statement on Allen's diaries182.72 KB

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His last entry in the notebook:

“Jesus Christ I hate n**gers. I hope I can turn Audrey to the truth or her tome. But I f**king doubt it. When will it all pop off?”

So, he was trying to make his wife become a violent white supremacist, too.

These people are real, they are around us, and they are extremely dangerous.

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What really scares me about his notes are how redundant they are. They feel almost chant like. It comes off as something someone would tell him to do to keep his mind in that hateful place. Studies have shown that just writing things down reinforces it in the brain. The technique has been used for positive things like learning and processing feelings but there are also uses for things like this. Maybe it is a technique he picked up in his studies but there is also the possibility he is involved in an online group that encourages this sort of tactile reinforcement.

I really do hope the wife was oblivious. If she was you have to feel bad for her because now she is tearing through all their interactions trying to see if there were signs or if he said things that she dismissed that were meant to try to condition her.

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Only in the past they didn't have a national political party egging them on.

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And what do you think he was going do to her if she didn't "turn"? Doubt it would just be divorce.

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as a misspelling of "tomb"

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So, his wife did know of his beliefs?

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I encourage you to do so - it's really not all that long. Read the last part in gray and you'll get your answer.

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I am very skeptical that the wife was unaware of how racist and violent her husband was. The diary excerpts reads like a evil high schooler's (+/- 5 yrs) musings, something out of Higher Learning or American History X. Wth

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I usually recommend against what I'm about to do, but I am going to draw conclusions based on very little information.

I can only imagine one of two options: A) he's always been like this and his family knew, but underestimated it or B) he has not always been like this and this is caused by some sort of physical brain damage.

If it's the B) the family might have noticed a change, but not recognized what the change exactly was.

I do agree that it's very hard to believe that he could have kept this hidden for so long.

Of course... I don't really know what I'm talking about. Maybe it's actually common for people like him to keep his ideas hidden.

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He said he had always hated them, specifying middle school. So I think some sort of encounter that left him insecure, jaded or whatever was the start. Unless his family is closeted racists and they all think like that but don’t want people to know. Racism is indeed a learned behavior. Based from his writings, this guy is evil and has always been plotting

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People often reconstruct their memories to accord with their current beliefs. This is particularly likely if they are in the course of a mental breakdown.

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