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Zoning board approves cannabis shop on Boylston Street in Back Bay; says it can open on Sundays

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved a proposed marijuana mart at 829 Boylston St., between the Apple Store and the Walgreens, across from the Mandarin Oriental.

The proposal by Sira Naturals now goes to the state Cannabis Control Commission for its review.

Unlike a hearing earlier in the day on a proposed cannabis shop in Roslindale, the board neither criticized the landlord nor made approval subject to the company closing on Sundays. The mayor's office and the office of City Councilor Kenzie Bok supported the proposal. The Back Bay Association, which represents neighborhood businesses, also supported the proposal, the first to which it has given its imprimatur.


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Is anyone thinking what Magoo is thinking? Magoo is thinking that Magoo will go to the joint store and buy a joint. Magoo will then smoke the joint on the way to the apple store and get a cool iPad. And then Magoo will go to the Mandarin and get Magoo’s munchies on while watching a trippy vid on Magoo’s new iPad. Magoo.

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i might not have gotten anything done

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You got receipts buddy?

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or my education?

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Isn't a dispensary pending about 3 blocks away on Newbury? Isn't there supposed to be a separation of x miles between stores? Or am I mixing my medicinal vs adult-use? Or has the process or something changed?

* I don't really have a dog in the fight and don't think these stores will be a problem. Just trying to figure out how the bureaucratic wheels are making this sausage.

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Which the zoning board can vote to waive.

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Before we even opened shop they waived it in East Boston. It was unrealistic and very obviously put in place so that you had to pay some favors and empower the right people to get it waived, with regularity. It happened in Hyde Park too.

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what you're saying is... the issue in Roslindale is 100% NIMBYism?

Sure Boylston is a strip of retail, but people do live above all those shops, and in the *pushes nose up* Mandarin.

I mean if the BackBay Association has no issues with Sunday, why not Roslindale. Seems like Miss Christine has an axe to grind and should recluse herself.

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I certainly hope so. Saying that someone "should recluse herself" is so brilliant a pun that it would be a shame if it were created inadvertently.

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Nobody from the neighborhood actually spoke one way or the other on the proposal, at least not at the hearing, and it usually takes NIMBYs to get all NIMBYish :-).

And even the board member most put out by the proposal, Araujo, voted for it - granted with those three provisions about the grates, Sunday hours and one-year checkup.

I don't think the grates are really a NIMBY thing (I don't live anywhere near that part of Roslindale, but I drive by that building all the time and have been known to get takeout at Hong Kong 888, and she's right - those grates are hideous, in part because the building itself is pretty rundown).

The Sunday thing and one-year checkup, well, OK, we're heading into NIMBYville, maybe, but again, this proposal is a bit different from all the others in Boston given its location in what is basically a residential area (now even more so, since a neighboring block of stores was torn down to make way for apartments), as opposed to say, Boylston Street in the Back Bay or 1A in East Boston, so maybe it warrants a bit more concern. There are some houses near where two competing proposals were approved on Hyde Park Avenue, but that's much more of a commercial area than this corner is.

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