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Allston gets Uyghur food

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the opening of Muqam Uyghur Kitchen in the Hong Kong Supermarket/Super 88 Food Court.

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I tried Silk Road in Coolidge Corner not long ago. It was very good. They have a location in East Cambridge too (the original location I think?).

Will be interesting to try a different take on the food as I enjoyed what I got from Silk Road.

The food court at Super88 has really gone to shit lately though. Quite a few good places gone and the other night when I went in there, so many of the shops were closed (for the night? forever? who knows?). I was really jonesing for one of my favorite quick-stop Korean pajeons too that night.

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has a sibling in East Cambridge by the same name. I also recommend the new Dian place in the South End, Yunnan Cuisine, which overlaps culinarily a bit with Uygher fare, and has a sibling in Brighton Center, South of the Clouds. Those are two mostly-overlooked regional Chinese cuisines that I'm grateful to have in Boston.

The first place I sampled Uygher cuisine was at the late Chef Chang's on Back Bay, which I reviewed for The Improper Bostonian back in 2014. (Not to be confused with the great, long-lived and bygone Chef Chang's House at St. Mary's in Brookline -- I have fond memories of the elderly Papa Chang tottering out to carve Peking duck tableside back in my dewy youth in the 80s.)

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