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Another day, another broken Orange Line door

Matthew Petersen shows us the half a door on Orange Line car 1464 that just refuses to open. Orange Line aficionados know, without even looking at the photo that a 1400-series car is one of the brand-spanking-new Orange Line cars, the ones that were going to take us away into transit heaven and float like a cloud, and have fully functioning doors.

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I remember Red Line car 1504 back in 1987 had a door that wouldn't open at the station and 423 people lost their lives. Thousands were put out of work.

Young Mr. Petersen, another blow in from elsewhere in the country who thinks he is smarter than everyone else, is a tireless advocate of dumb ideas like making State Street pedestrian so we can be you know Sienna or Seville.

He likes to tell everyone what it better for them when it comes to the T. The T is advertising like mad for people to work there. Perhaps he should fill out an application and help solve the problem of a door not opening.


What are you trying to say? What's wrong with not being okay with broken doors on new trains?

It's not likely a half open door will hurt anyone and you don't like where he came from or what he generally advocates, but does it matter in his complaint? What wrong with wanting to see things be functional?


This person is a pontificator however. He wants to point out everything that is wrong. He wants to disrupt things that other people see as working but don't conform to his worldview.

There are a lot of people out there who say the T should do this, the T should do that as if the T is their servant.

I actually applied for a job at the T once. There was a hiring freeze though. I could have retired two years ago if I had got on.

My dad worked for the T for 25 years. There are lots of people out there trying to get the job done. Then there are some that say only "Someone should...."

Mr. Petersen should get over to 10 Park Plaza with his resume post haste. Change starts from within smahty. Get on it.

It sounds like you referring to the Tuxford road traction steam


Could you please post more things about your self imposed suffering and how hard your life is for us to ponder?

I felt bad for you around Halloween when the M&M's kept slipping though the stigmata on your hands.


If anyone else had used the word "stigmata" on here, you'd be screaming about anti-Christian and anti-white oppression since you still haven't learned these things are imaginary.

We just love seeing your imaginary pain and suffering.

I can have a gross of Kleenex sent you to if you want.

You live under a puddingstone rock up covered in moss on Fort Hill right? I mean you are so oppressed that that's all you have, right?

If I ever go back to Catholicism I will set up 10 old Irish biddies to say a novena for you kneeling around that Jesus statue on Highland.

You're not Trump and you don't have to punch back ten times harder.

For somebody who has spent years complaining about supposed anti-Irish bias on this site, you sure are quick to lash out with hatred of people who aren't like you.

Please cut it out.


She called me a troll. She picked the fight. Somehow that got lost on you.

That's ok. You know how much traffic I drive to the site anyway.

When your religion has cultural hegemony...

By lbb on Wed, 11/02/2022 - 4:58pm.

...you don't get to complain when people make cultural references to it.

Sexy as hell double standard you got there Gaffin.

It's a real word. You might look it up. You might also think about the difference between structural and personal inequality, but your routine appears to rely upon something else.

John Costello has bypassed how algorithms work by directing attention through controversy. Next he'll be arguing about bicycles by calling someone bicycle boy.

You are a bore, John.

These are brand new cars.

Now, when we saw problems with the 40 year old cars, we could shrug and say they are old, but if these cars are acting like the cars built by the guys who wondered when the hostages would be released from Tehran, I worry about how they will be, say, 10 years from now.


Sounds good to me, we could have horse races on City Hall Plaza representing each neighborhood!

Copenhagen is probably a better analogy as far as population goes...which would also be amazing! Why wouldn't we want to be more like Copenhagen?


Next time, spend a little more and buy the good stuff.


Siemens or Alstom - Good trains with minimal problems and no social realism anime posters.

Neither Siemens or Alstom bid after attending the initial RFP sessions.

At least a good design. One of the features of the new vehicles is the extra wide doors so that if one side is stuck (as in this case) the other side remains wide enough for a wheelchair.



with 90% of parts sourced not from China. Seems like one should be looking toward Made In Springfield as the issue.

Thanks Patrick!

That last line is great.

...for UHub to stop linking things from Twitter. Just IMO.

(Or at least to label where links are coming from, so that those of us who don't want to wander onto twitter anymore don't have to.)

This is getting ridiculous!