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Board concludes Allston karaoke place didn't overserve woman who suddenly collapsed; asks if she might have been drugged

Shortly before 11:30 p.m. on March 18, a patron at Stage Karaoke on Brighton Avenue in Allston suddenly slumped to the floor, unable even to speak.

Police who arrived along with EMTs issued a citation for overserving a patron, but the Boston Licensing Board officially determined today that she was not overserved liquor - she hadn't even finished the one cocktail she had ordered.

"It was actually a possible drugging," board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce said.

In recent months, the board has held a number of hearings on people collapsing or suffering other symptoms of possible drugs put in their drinks at Boston bars.

But who or how she might have been drugged remains a mystery.

At a hearing on Tuesday, Stage owner Henry Wong said he had scrutinzed video of the short time the woman in her late 20s spent in the place and was unable to spot anything that looked like somebody putting anything into her drink.

Wong's attorney, Dennis Quilty, said the woman entered Stage with some friends and appear "perfectly normal." And then she collapsed to the ground. Stage employees managed to get the woman to a quiet place until an ambulance could arrive and take her to nearby St. Elizabeth for treatment, Quilty and a bar employee said.

"It seems to be another situation where somebody ingested something," Quilty said, pointing to a front-page article just that day about the issue in the Globe.

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A friend of a friend was drugged a couple weeks ago. Not sure what’s goin on but a little concerning that the owner said he didn’t spot anything that looked out of place.

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It can take a while for drugs to take effect, so if they had only been there a short time and didn't even have a full drink it may have happened somewhere else before they arrived.

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to solve these sorts of possible crimes.

also possible she had an edible and then just a bit of booze put her down. I say this only a vestigial intellectual tick, left over from a time in our lives when one's mind was not immediately strafed by right wing or left wing storm troopers of conscience.

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People do faint on occasion.

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This feels like the smiley killer at this point.

What's the point of randomly drugging people? The Joker is real?

People/women are drugged at bars so that someone can take advantage of them, not send them to the hospital. These people who go to bars and suddenly collapse or get all the way home but feel weird...like, I don't know what the explanation is, but it's not being drugged by someone at the bar. They wouldn't have let you go home alone! Their goal wasn't to make you feel weird and then let you go sleep it off!

I wonder if COVID fucks up people's alcohol metabolism or something. In other cases, I wonder if someone used something before going out or something.

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Dude several of the reported cases have evidence from hospitals of drugs in their system. They didn't drug themselves.

People drug women at bars to get off on the power play, not necessarily to rape them. I knew a guy where it came out he'd been giving women in his circle roofies so he could play the white knight and take them home, tuck them into bed, and look like the mighty enlightened Good Guy - never took advantage but sure got a lot of sick pleasure out of ruining nights and holding that power over women's heads unknowingly.

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Edibles can do that.

But there is, as always, misogyny aimed at women who dare to go out on their own.

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Guy friends of mine have been randomly drugged too. Sometimes it's just someone doing mischief to whoever they can, not necessarily someone with a clear plan or a specific anger towards a group or gender

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