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Israeli food becoming easier to find in Boston

The Jewish Journal reports on a pair of Israeli bakers who opened a babka place on Tremont Street and on an Israeli restaurateur who plans on expanding his restaurant chain from Israel and Europe to the Seaport later this winter.

They are joining Tatte Cafe and Bakery and Cafe Landwer as Israeli food outposts in the Hub.

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I would add Bonapita to that list as well.

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All of these places (including Bonapita) seem to avoid advertising themselves as Israeli, but rather as "Mediterranean"

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I always assumed Tatte was French, judging from the pastries on the menu, though France does have a well established Jewish culture, so it would make sense for some Israeli influence to come in along with it. They do serve shakshuka, but that's become a little more mainstream in recent years. I was a little worried when Tatte appeared on the scene that they'd compete head to head with Flour, but they're different enough that they probably more compliment each other more than anything.

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Middle Eastern food Israeli good.

If you eat too much at once you might falafel afterwards.

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I'm still sad that Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester Street closed.

I see it's been replaced by an upscale Greek restaurant called Krasi. Has anyone tried it?

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Magoo’s tummy is saying yum yum yumster yum yummy yums. Magoo.

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For Bakey’s babka (chocolate of course!)

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