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Coffeehouses with religious ties approved in Jamaica Plain, East Boston

The Boston Licensing Board today approved food-serving licenses for the Public Coffee Co. at 182 Hyde Park Ave. in Jamaica Plain and the Well coffeehouse at 63 Kelly Square in East Boston.

The Public Coffee Co. will be run by Amanda Oicle, pastor of the Public Church, a "church plant" that now holds it services at the Fenway Community Center.

The Well, which had its initial East Boston plans dashed by the start of the pandemic, will be run by Matthew Love, a pastor of the Church at the Well, another church plant, based in East Boston. This would be the Well's third coffeehouse in the area - joining the ones downtown and in Everett.


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just what Jesus needs is more caffeine

on the other hand maybe more caffeine is exactly what Jesus needs to help himget off his ass and do something about the fact that murder by gunfire is now biggest cause of death of children in this country


And systemic racism for that statistic. Just look at the disparities of children who suffer from gun violence by race. There is no excuse for this any longer and the government is to blame. Local, state, and the federal government do very little to actually keep vulnerable neighborhoods safe. Status quo seems to be okay for those who have the power to make change.

There is a lot of talk about removing guns and improving mental health and then very little change actually happens. Sitting around and waiting for guns to disappear is both naive and dangerous at this point.

I’ve survived gun violence, my children and family members have survived gun violence, and my friends and neighbors have survived gun violence. In every situation, those that experience this trauma are beyond thankful to see the arrival of the police.

Action is needed by our local elected officials to keep people safe. Most gun crimes are committed by a very small percentage of the population in a limited area. Rooting out this violence involves full responsibility from those voted into power and it unfortunately does not seem like something they are truly committed to once they get into office.


Do you think are murdered by people who are in compliance with gun laws? The jurisdiction with the highest rate of juvenile gun deaths from 2008-2017 by a mile was D.C. -- and the local gun laws there are very strict. Texas' gun laws are much looser than California's and yet the rate of juvenile gun deaths was virtually identical (3.0/100k vs 2.9/100k).

Want to fix this problem? Get the criminals using these guns off the streets and address the cultural and socioeconomic issues which lead to the violence to begin with.


I find that it's a good way to lower stress and suppress feeling of anger when they occasionally arise.

It’s cars.


It used to be cars but now it’s homicide by gunfire


Time to crack down on illegal use and irresponsible lack of control of both.


I'm not religous at all. But I respect the strength all religions have. But Jesus Christ has got to be the most influential human being that ever lived. Ever. I mean think about it. Dude is the biggest rock star to date.

The Well already has a coffeehouse downtown, at the corner of Washington and State. It's right on the Freedom Trail and gets a lot of tourists.

Their website says they also have one in Everett, out on Broadway almost to the Malden line. The Google Map they link to puts it, incorrectly, in Chelsea; a check on Google Street View indicates that it's really in Everett.

Meant to include that in the story, but forgot.

They don't push anything on their customers - I didn't realize that they were anything beyond a charity for a while.

For them it is all about letting good works speak for themselves.


Plenty of coffee houses out there where your dollars won't go toward an anti-LGBTQ, anti-science, anti-education, patriarchal cult that thinks it has a right to not only control the wombs of its believers, but everyone else as well - and is tirelessly fighting to cram their belief system down everyone's throat by rewriting our nation's history.

But Jesus Brew is new to me.

I hope they aren't tax exempt.


AdaM tHiS hEaDlInE iS bIgOtEd AgAiNsT cHrIstOrs b/C ReAsoNS111111

Run by and on Love?

Is the coffee any good?

I mean after all, judgment is and was modeled by the Lord