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Construction worker charged with stabbing two co-workers over debt at Cambridge work site

Cambridge Police say a construction worker seeking to collect on some debts stabbed one co-worker in the back and the other in the leg before being subdued by another worker at a Wheeler Street construction site this morning.

Carcensky Salvant, 21, of Randolph, now faces charges of armed assault to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery to collect a loan, police say.

According to police:

At approximately 7:15 a.m., Officers responded to a report that two workers were stabbed by a co-worker over an alleged debt that was owed by a victim to the suspect. A male victim was stabbed in the leg by the suspect while on a ladder, while another male co-worker who attempted to interfere was stabbed in his back. A third co-worker was able to successfully disarm a folding knife from the suspect and restrain him until officers arrived and placed him in handcuffs. Due to the construction, officers and first responders had to utilize ladders and an unfinished stairwell to access the crime scene. Upon their arrival, officers were able to successfully apply a tourniquet to assist the victim stabbed in the leg. Both victims sustained serious, but what are not believed to be life-threatening injuries.

Innocent, etc.

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