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Crane gets tipsy on Dot. Ave.

Tipped over truck on Dorchester Avenue

The Boston Fire Department reports a crane truck tipped over on Dorchester Avenue at East Cottage Street in Dorchester this morning. No injuries at the site, where a five-story, 38-unit residential building with room for a new Dorchester Market is going up.

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It is Dot Ave and East Cottage Street. The crane is on East Cottage.

You can see the Little House / Dot Art through the steel.

Crescent is across the street.

For some reason the Boston Fire Department reported this as Crescent and Dot, and so far all the local media (including our beloved Uhub) has picked up this incorrect address.

As you point out, the pictures clearly show the incident is on East Cottage.

Although, really, East Cottage turns into Crescent at Dot. Ave., no?

They are not directly across the street from each other. You have to give about a five foot left turn to go onto Crescent.

It is not uncommon on Dot Ave for that to happen.

Melville Ave and Parkman do not line up directly. Roseland does not line up with St. Mark's. Mercier and Beale do not either.

Saw the headline and thought we were going to get to see another one of Mary Ellen's excellent bird pics.


They carry underwear.

Because I think the driver will want a new set of those as well...