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Decaying former hotel on South End/Roxbury line now slated for condos instead of another hotel

The Boston Sun reports that the current owners of the former Alexandra Hotel on Washington Street at Massachusetts Avenue are seeking BPDA permission to use what's left of the historic structures exterior as cladding for 13 stories with 76 condos. The developers last year had proposed 106 "compact" condos, but the Sun reports their current plans call for 33 of the tiny units, with 43 more commodious units.


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I dont know if we need any more life science space.

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who is the demo for a tiny condo? seems like a niche thing

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existing residents looking for affordable options
retirees and empty nesters looking to downsize
people with disabilities who benefit from affordable options near the services they need
young and growing families seeking more affordable two and three-bedroom apartments, and
young professionals and graduate students.

From https://www.boston.gov/departments/new-urban-mechanics/compact-living-pilot

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thanks, that was helpful

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If you spend most of your time outside of your house, why pay more money for space you're not going to use?

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Less, space less money. They tried it in Seaport and those units went for above market rate for somewhat larger units. So execution doesn't always match theory.

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People who don't want to clean a larger space

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Let's revise the proposal: 74 residential units plus a car ramp over the sidewalk to a pizza place on the fourth floor.

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At the time of the Alexanda Hotel's original operation, the term "hotel" wasn't used quite in the same way as in a modern context - I believe most people staying there were longer-term residents, akin to an apartment building. So insisting this property be turned into a modern boutique hotel, costing a few hundred a night or whatever, was always a little bit odd and seemed like letting the name of the building define its use.

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Not another story about this property. We have been reading about this building every six months for thirty years. I'll say what I always say when a "new" plan is talked about...I'll believe it when I see shovels in the ground.

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To the chronic naysayers, complainers, and Gladys Kravitz’ that have gotten in the way of progress on this property, STFU! The residents of this neighborhood deserve better and have suffered long enough with this blight. Let’s elevate the status of this important gateway to Boston. Breathing life into this area with families and individuals that will have a vested interest in the area is a win-win for the neighborhood and the city.
Thank you.

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Just get it done you say? Do you really think naysayers and complainers have gotten in the way of developing this property for 35 years?? You obviously have no idea how development works in Boston.

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