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Guy sees his picture on police Web site, turns self in for Grove Hall knife incident, police say

Boston Police report charging Yeison Pimentel, 23, of Dorchester in connection with an incident in which a man flashed a knife at somebody on Blue Hill Avenue in Grove Hall last Wednesday.

Police say Pimentel turned himself in after seeing his photo splashed on bpdnews.com on New Year's Day.

Innocent, etc.

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I see this woman almost every morning and she randomly activates her TASER every few yards while she's walking. It's one of those TASERs with the loud crackling sound that kind of looks like a flashlight. Would that be considered assault or is it some other type of illegal activity?

Possession of a taser requires a license (also that sounds pretty damn reckless)


I knew a girl who had what was meant to look like a taser but it's really just making flashing lights and noise.

The tasers I've seen are like the ones the cops use that look more like a gun and shoot wires that carry the charge or have a gap at the business end with a metal post on either side that the charge arcs electricity across. If she's "using" it and wires don't shoot out or you see flashing light but not an arc then it might be one of those.

There are tasers that look like flashlights, and they are not dummies. If it makes that noise, you'd be foolish to act as though it's a dummy.

When I said it "might be" it was to express it as a possibility and why someone would flash it publicly, which a licensed person with a real one should know shouldn't be done (though I'm not sure if brandishing laws apply to tasers).


difference between a tazer and a stun-gun ?

You don't have to name the neighborhood, but generally speaking, where is this happening? Walking to a T stop? Does this person look like they have a mental health issue?

Is doing a lot of work here.


Tasers are the ones that shoot electrodes out on a wire, stun guns are the ones that are electro-shock-y at the tip of the weapon.

Sounds like a response to being victimized, is she harming anyone?

both of the weapon and the person carrying it

This only happens very, very late at night or very early in the morning. I am contractually obligated not to share such a photo if one existed. The neighborhood is the side of Mission Hill closest to Huntington Avenue, South Huntington Avenue, and the Longwood Medical area.

I've never seen her actually point it at anybody but it is loud enough that the point gets across "Don't Mess with Me".

Reminds me of the old Seinfeld bit about the photos of the criminals at the post office. I bet the BPD folks are pleased that the website worked!

Just don’t try and cancel the mail. You’ll wish the police got to you before Wilford Brimley.