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Jackson Square Covid-19 testing site adds hours

Jamaica Plain News reports on the newly expanded schedule at the Anna Cole Community Center testing site, where lines in recent days had stretched for blocks and hours.


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Were the heating tents installed after all?

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Yes. But they're closed all around. So they look like a massive COVID risk...

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With 33% positivity rate in the city, you are guaranteed to be next to someone positive in that line anyway.

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Exactly. But you might as well be outdoors next to a positive person instead of inside of a closed tent

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~ infinite ventilation outdoors. Not so much in "heating tents."

This seems like an own goal. I wish they had addressed the inefficient information gathering and testing procedure to make the lines shorter.

Treat the disease, not the symptoms.

(Longer hours should help by spreading demand, and since queue length is a non-linear relationship between supply and demand, it might do quite a bit of good.)

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The tents have large openings every 50 feet or so. Everyone around me was masked and somewhat spread out. The line moved fairly quickly, and it took about 50 minutes to get from the back of the tent to the building.

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Wait till Tuesday, most people aren’t going to wait outside in single digit weather.

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Waiting in a line for that long with the winter wind flowing through person to person, not surprised if you get Covid from just standing in line. I waited in that line a few Sundays back for almost 1 hour and 15 mins. When I got up to the counter the tester told me not to sit down on the chair in front of her. Since my mid 50s ass has made me a more assertive and confident woman, I sat right down on that chair as my nose was swabbed and enlightened her how long I had been standing in the cold with a bad back. Moral of story is, more testing sites with shorter lines!

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This just sucks for everyone. For those workers swabbing person after person (knowing that every third or fifth or whatever has covid and may be contagious), for people standing for hours in line only to get in and be told off for sitting down. Thank you for getting tested, though.

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I walk by one of these sites practically every day, and I can only recall one day when there was a line of note. They seemed pretty bored this morning.

Yes, they will probably charge, but there's no way that everyone on line at the Anna Cole can't afford the $125 for a test.

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