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A long line at Logan that isn't to check bags or get into Jerry Remy's

Line for a Covid-19 test at Logan Airport

Patrick shows us the line at Terminal C for one of those $250 quickie pre-flight Covid-19 tests.

The line stretches out of view down the hall towards Terminal B.


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If these quick tests truely are expensive, so be it.

But somehow, it just feels like a racket reenforced by poor government planning.


Scaring the s**t out of the American public.


Some destinations are contingent on negative tests...


Are reachable from Terminal C?

The Terminal C testing also serves A and B and it is located pre-security.


I was thinking the same thing, then someone pointed out that there are a lot of flights to the Caribbean leaving from C, and for that matter from A and B who probably don't have the testing centers.

E, of course, probably has the best setup for testing.

Interesting that you interpret it as fear. I wonder why that is?


you aren't scared shitless every time you put a seatbelt on? /s


Making sure you don't have it before you step into an enclosed tube with a bunch of strangers is a lot more logical or sensible than most of the other precautions we require to get on a plane.


Gouge much?


Aren't airport concessions supposed to be offered at or near the prices charged outside the facility?


hahahahaha, amazing

Terminal C must be Caribbean departures. Poor souls.


Some Europe flights, if Aer Lingus still operates in Terminal C.

So, the $250 test is a rapid RT-PCR test. Highly reliable result in an hour, vs hours to days to get your results — the non-rapid RT-PCR for COVID-19 that I'm most familiar with takes about 4 hours to run, plus travel time of the sample to the lab & sample queue delays.

The same folks at Logan will run a regular PCR for you for only $75, but that gets sent out to a commercial lab to be run, so it takes much longer than the 60 minutes. I suppose if you needed a PCR negative within a certain amount of time of say, your arrival somewhere, it might be worth it. Personally, I'll just avoid international travel for a while; I need to renew my passport anyways.

At Logan, they are at Terminal C and Terminal E, are both pre-security, if you are looking for a testing option...



$250 sounds about right for that; the regular PCR testing is about $100–150 at a pharmacy without insurance etc.

in the line while you wait.


Line everybody up for a security check so that terrorists can bomb the queue.

Call Belgium and ask them to tell you about their airport attack. And any country that wants a $250 test for me to enter isn't getting my American dollars. They'll decide how many (expletives) they give about their reactionary, piss-poor application of scientific findings when we stop coming.

How do you live with yourself?


See below

Well then you’d better not ride the T, or attend any sporting events or concerts, or go out to a crowded restaurant, or walk down Boylston St. at lunch hour, or go anywhere that other people are in large numbers. Because ISIS MIGHT GET YOU!!!

And if you do grow the stones to get on a plane, you are certainly free to get your Covid test anywhere else that does not charge $250. Though really, I imagine the destination country really would rather you just not come. For so many reasons.


I was arguing against security theater, and I have boarded a plane post-COVID, and did so with absolutely no trepidation.

You've been around long enough to pick up my vibe.

Some countries accept a free test, assuming you have the time to get one a day or two in advance.

But the free sites won’t put your passport number on the result, so some countries won’t accept them. And people connecting through Boston don’t always have the luxury of waiting a few days here.

the American check-in. But was Patrick at the end of it?