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Look for a Braintree parking lot in the next Zendaya movie

Fake ads for Applebee's and a Cleveland tennis open

Angel Nunez spotted these two ads in the parking lot for the defunct 99 in Braintree, likely for use in that movie in which Zendaya plays a tennis player.

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Apparently there's someone named Zendaya.

It sounds like an unreleased Police album.
This year the Police RSD drop is the previously-unreleased Zendaya Oblongatta album on chartreuse-colored 180g vinyl.

Maybe this comment will start a rumor.

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It's so cool that you've never heard of a hugely famous movie star. You must be a deeply serious individual.

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You got me all figured out. I'm so deeply serious that I'd never dream about posting any dumb pop culture jokes in web site comments.

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