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MBTA could shut the entire Orange Line for a month of repairs

WCVB reports the T tomorrow will announced a 30-day shutdown of the Orange Line to address a backlog of maintenance. The T board of directors votes on the bus contract at 10:15 a.m.

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They better have bus only lanes set up and fix every damn slow zone on the whole orange line after this.


Sounds like a typical entitled biker


Cope harder


What do bikers have to do with this?


... in robo's head, and they ain't paying rent for it.


He hates everything, but bicycles

I've never read anything from him supportive of bicycles.

There might be a chance that he doesn't like wheels at all.

Make sure you hold your breath.

If only they had built the Southwest Expressway, shuttle buses could get from Forest Hills into town a lot quicker.

I guess the two of us could dream that they did something like that. You know, to make the buses go faster.

the Orange Line would have gone down the median of the highway. All the way to Canton.


there'd be a North-South rail link.

Oh, wait. They did build it, and there isn't one.


…the RedLine/Blue Line connection, which I have been making on foot lately from Bowdoin to Charles and vice versa. Not a financial hit, if you have a monthly pass, but still….


so bus only lanes can be set up between Oak Grove and Malden Ctr. Get Charlie Baker on the horn, Kinopio has spoken!

I seem to recall "unprecedented" weekend shutdowns in 2018 and 2019 too. I guess those didn't stick for any length of time, so time to try try again. Is the strategy to just have no plan for regular maintenance and every year or so when things are inevitably worse, they come out with a new rapid shutdown plan to fix everything in one go, hoping we all forgot the last time it happened? Poftak has driven an already flagging MBTA into the ground and should resign in disgrace.


To answer your (possibly rhetorical) question: yes, it sure does seem like the strategy is always to halfway patch one disaster before lurching to the next unprecedented emergency!!!!!1!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!1!

Regular maintenance is a complete waste. It makes your fiscal performance look worse, and by the time those deferred chickens come home to roost, you'll be long gone and it'll be someone else's problem.


When the calendar turned to 2020, they stopped with the shutdowns (except for one or 2.) We are talking several years without out good quality time for work to be done.

Oftentimes I read commenters posit that other older rail transit systems don't close large chunks of their lines on the week-ends, except that they do, and they also close lines entirely for months on end to get repairs done.

Easier to do long shutdowns in cities like New York and London where there are alternative subway routes. Here, not so much.

I'm not sure who you think says other systems don't close lines down for maintenance.

My complaint about the T is that they close the entire system overnight every single night of the year for maintenance. AND they run ZERO buses overnight! I don't know of any other transit-oriented city on earth that has zero train AND BUS service after 1 am.

is saying "I. TOLD. YOU. SO."


A Staggering Backlog of Transit Upgrades Is Stacking Up

And remember folks, send your thanks and appreciation to the state house.

A fucking sea of hi vis shirts on the tracks for 30days.

30 days will turn into 45 days as MBTA jobs are notorious for being milked.

Speaking as a subway rider who likes to get from point A to point B without the T throwing extra adventures in, I approve of bold measures at this point. My concern is that, given who we're talking about, the shutdown will go forward with lots of attention to the PR part of the project, and some subway maintenance as an afterthought. A month later, commuters come back to the Orange Line to microscopically improved service. Charlie Baker smiles and makes noises with his mouth.

another train catches fire, right after Baker's term expires.

Great opportunity to increase commuter rail lines from the southwest (Needham line thru Rozzie Sq, HP, Mattapan, Readville lines) and ramp up local buses. The 39 already does so much heavy lifting for the Longwood area hospitals, gonna have to make sure that doesn't get mucked up.

No Orange line for the beginning of the school year, plus their inability to get buses running for the first few weeks.

Might as well delay the start. Assuming BTU doesn’t demand remote learning at the last minute.

I guess it’s good Baker is a lame duck, no politician running for re-election would close part of the T for 30 days. Regardless of how necessary.