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More Massachusetts monkeypox: Two cases in Boston

The state Department of Public Health reported today it's confirmed two more cases of monkeypox, in two men "who had close contact with one another."

The department did not identify them further, but said they would be monitored by the Boston Public Health Commission, which will also conduct contact tracing for anybody they might have come in contact with.

The department says both men are now in isolation and that their cases had nothing to do with the state's first case this year - a man who had just returned from Montreal, where there had been several cases, last month.

Monkeypox, typically confined to central and western Africa, has begun appearing in other countries over the past couple of months. Officials say it can be spread through close contact with an infected person. So far, the strain seems to be a relatively minor one that most patients should survive, officials say.

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WaPo headline: Monkeypox dilemma: How to warn gay men about risk without fueling hate

From the lede: "Officials [in Utah] faced a dilemma. They wanted to warn men who have sex with men that they were at higher risk for exposure to the virus. But they feared unintended consequences: heterosexual people assuming they’re not susceptible, closeted men in a heavily Mormon community avoiding care so they’re not seen as gay, and critics exploiting the infections to sow bigotry."


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