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New owners of venerable Allston bar seek to add performances by local musicians and trivia events

The Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing is considering a request from the new owners of the Silhouette Lounge, 200 Brighton Ave. in Allston, to use one of its rooms as a venue, initially for local musicians and trivia nights, but maybe to one day extend even to comedians.

At a hearing today, Ryan Gazda, attorney for a City Realty-afiliiated dive-bar concern that has bought up several Boston bars in recent years, said the room can hold up to 49 people. Gazda said Allston/Brighton is in need of another small music venue and said some 250 local residents signed letters of support for the proposal, which would include a cover charge for entrance to performances.

Gazda said there would be no patron dancing allowed, and that the bar's other room would remain as it is today.


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lmao how do you even enforce that? why is that even a concern?

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And even to standing-on-couches enforcement.

But in this case, I think it just means they won't have a dedicated dance floor.

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That's all I can come up with. (Standing people take up less room than seated people do.)

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And the fires they could cause with all that flammable dancing room they need….

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