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Not enough rain in Stony Brook Reservation, part of which is now on fire

Boston firefighters are in the woods off West Boundary Road in West Roxbury for what is now a two-alarm brush fire.


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became MBTA property.

The Stony Brook T stop gets its name from the brook, most of which is now underground. When they were changing the Orange Line from el to below ground, they had to move some of the Stony Brook conduit near Tremont Street. So there is a connection.


I hope they can get that under control soon, as that area is full of fuel. I was walking in that same section just a couple of days ago and the grass along the trail was knee-high and totally dried out. Sucks that something finally set it off, hopefully it wasn't intentional.

Sucks that something finally set it off, hopefully it wasn't intentional.

Possibly not intentional, but definitely not accidental. This one started with a match.

You're right, I could have worded that better. This may be a controversial opinion, but I prefer our parks to not be on fire at all.


I wasn't calling you out, you made a good point that people sometimes set wildfires intentionally. This one was most likely just stupidity and carelessness, possibly in the form of a burning butt thrown from a car.

My mother did that all the time. One last inhale and then flick it out the window. Didn't matter where we were. There were lots of butts along our walkway leading from our driveway to the door of our house. Our home was spotless except that walk.

It's like smokers think butts are exempt from all laws, courtesy, and common sense.

...they're designed to not go out. Other forms of smoked tobacco, it takes a lot more work to keep them going, but American cigarettes just keep on burning until there's nothing left to burn. That's why they're so dangerous when they're carelessly discarded.

So many smokers just toss them wherever. I know one smoker who does not. He carries a small metal box, extinguishes his cigarette and puts the butt in the box.


I was biking along Rt 1 and Spring St in West Roxbury and noticed that a couple days ago.

Pretty much all of them are curled under from the drought. Many of them are turning brown and quite a few are fully brown.

Not a good time to be lazy with butts and matches.