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Planting an arboretum on Mission Hill

The Huntington News reports on efforts to turn Fitzgerald Park into an accredited arboretum, which means having a large variety of trees and woody shrubs and at least one annual tree-themed event - this year, an Arbor Day plantathon in which volunteers planted new tree species there.

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Boston would wildly benefit from having a plant conservatory. Imagine visiting the tropics or desert in the middle of a Boston winter? Or pools and ponds where various lotuses grow during the growing season.

This would be one of the most popular places visitors during the long Boston winters. It probably would actually be monetarily profitable. Without question it would profit the quality of life in Boston.

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The three Rose Kennedy Greenway parcels from Dewey Square north to Rowes Wharf were allocated to the Massachusetts Horticultural Society for this exact purpose. To this day, I don't understand why MassHort decided not to build and gave up this land.

To see what this could have looked like, visit the Franklin Park Conservatory, a major tourist attraction in Columbus, Ohio.

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Pittsburgh's Phipps - where people line up in winter to enter
Chicago has two
San Francisco

That's just ones I can think of off the top of my head.

I think this could be an actual money maker. If people are lining up to enter the Phipps in winter, imagine what numbers of folks would pay to enter into an enclosed space that has various gardens of various regions.

Imagine walking into a long, park like desert with cactus, bathed in bright light, with various labyrinths, all circling around various cacti and succulents. Especially when outside there are snow piles remaining from the week's previous snow storm.

Imagine seeing banana plants growing indoors - even sprouting bananas (food for the zoo's use). Or growing other food bearing plants, and herb gardens grown primarily for scent.

Imagine walking into a tropical type structure that has a flowing pool, a fountain and an endless parade of orchids.

I thought I've read that there was an indoors botanical conservatory in Boston in the past. Perhaps in the 19th century. While starting a new one would take years for it to grow to be comparable to the gardens in other cities, even a new one would be a wonderful addition to the cutlural wealth of Boston.

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