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Probably not part of a feast procession

Burned bus being towed past the North End

MBTA Hate Account (yep) spotted the remains of that bus that caught fire at Forest Hills being towed north past Hanover and Cross streets around 10 p.m. yesterday - possibly on its way to Everett Shops, where the T does major surgery on heavily injured buses.


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I think that bus has made its last scheduled trip.


Hopefully can use the parts that didn't burn for parts.

Think Robocop.

Judging from the back of the bus, it would be difficult, but not impossible, to repair at Everett - or they could send it to Midwest Bus rebuilders in Michigan to fix it. If they can't, they'd have to scrap the bus - there's enough good material on it in case they need to replace doors, windows or seats.

A similar thing happened to an older bus (NABI bus 2034) in which the entire back was engulfed in flames and never returned to service.


Something like that also happened to a Neoplan (0513) and it was returned to service after being rebuilt at Midwest Bus. The burned NABI (2034) had already been through rebuild when it was damaged. If a bus has not been through mid-life overhaul yet when it is damaged, then there is a greater chance that it will be repaired as part of the rebuild.

for parts.

"Removed from working service but unable to test so being sold AS-IS"

"Some smoke damage."