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Ranting transphobe kicked out of Ula Cafe in Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain News reports.

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mUh fReEdOm oF sPeEcH!!!!!1!1one

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I'll bet that guy thinks that the "Christian" bakery has every right to refuse the gay couple who wanted a wedding cake. I guess now he has to head there to have his cake and eat it too.

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Good to see that customers and other staff stood up for the staff member being verbally assaulted.

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We could have found out more about the ranting transphobe. A description would have been nice. That might, I say might help deduce a motivation. A man? a woman? they? them? What was the ranter wearing? What did he/she, they/them say? So many questions...

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You can and should use "they" to be inclusive of all people of all genders. The way you've written it out awkwardly comes across as a mockery.

Just say:

"What was the person's gender?"

"What did they say?"

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I don't really see what that adds to the story here.

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They were assaulting a staff member. The entire cafe seems to agree that they needed to be shown the door.

That's really all you need to know.

It ultimately doesn't matter what gender they are - even aging het but not terribly cis women like myself can be targets because we don't conform to some mystical notion of gender expression. Irrational asshole got his. That's it.

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