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She'll help you feel like a king or queen for the day - by renting you the throne

The Brockton Enterprise interviews the owner of a Roslindale business that sells and rents throne chairs for parties and meetings.

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"Coming from Haiti and having nothing, it was important for me to take advantage of all the opportunities America afforded me. I enjoyed building a business in America and becoming someone I never imagined," Noel said.

Immigration is the gift that keeps giving.

Thanks for sharing, Adam.

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There's a photography place on Everett Ave right near the bridge and I dont ever seen anyone in there.. except Saturdays and its always someone picking up a throne. He must make a killing off of just the rentals (he has a few different ones).

But this is the season.. lots of quinceañeras. At least around here. (for those not in the know.. its an equivalent of a 'sweet 16' except at 15). I've been privy to being in close proximity of a few of these (mostly what I can see playing Mrs Kravitz out my windows). Its quite a party to say the least.

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