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Somerville Board of Health rejects vaccine requirement for indoor public spaces

Cambridge Day reports.

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Either Somervillian restaurants will do well, stay the same or do poorly. All depends on how the restaurant attending public feels. Personally I will decline to go to any Somerville restaurant where customers can project their political ideology into public health. While that punishes Somerville restaurants it benefits non-Somerville restaurants. So not all suffer from this cowardice of caving into fanatics and extremists.

The folks who believe that might makes right are pushing their agenda of intimidation. Somebody pays.

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What does a vaccine mandate really do aside from trying to get more people vaccinated, which isn’t a bad thing? The fact that you won’t frequent a restaurant because they’re not checking vaccine cards at the door seems odd, but that’s your right and I respect that.

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Steve Mackey, president of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce, said small businesses will suffer financially from a mandate. “Establishments have estimated that it would cost them $1,000 a week to put somebody at the door to check,” he said.

I'll gladly take $25 an hour to check vaccine cards at businesses!

What's that? No one is paying $25/hour for that?

Are you telling me that the gasp President of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce is exaggerating costs to score political points?!

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Businesses operate 7 days a weeks and more than 8 hrs a day.

Just a minor detail!

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Drive up to Burlington, VT where they’re begging people to sling pizzas for $21/hour.

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Burlington is nice. Its on the lake. It's driving distance to Montreal. Sure the taxes make Mass look cheap, but rents and homes are a lot cheaper up there. That 21/hr will go further up there.

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I absolutely love Burlington VT and go up there as often as I can.

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I'll miss the Sommervile Theater. They had great Film Festivals. I guess I could just keep my mask on though? Depends on how big the crowd is.

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