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Two former Transit cops repay money for hours they put in for but didn't work

Transit Police report two now former TPD lieutenants got probation last month after agreeing to repay the department the money they were paid for both regular and overtime hours they put in for but did not work.

Lt. Jason Morris repaid the T $4,354.16 for portions of 16 regular shifts and 16 overtime shifts he didn't work in 2015, the department says. He was also put on three months probation.

Lt. Kenneth Berg repaid $8,460.97 for the portions of 26 regular shifts and 39 overtime shifts he did not actually work in 2014 and 2015, the department says. He also got three months of probation.

Both had been charged with larceny over $250 in Boston Municipal Court last year.


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These greedy pigs stole thousands of dollars from taxpayers. They should be spending multiple months in prison.


Imagine if the punishment for robbing a bank were only to return the money that you tried to steal.

Oh, and "probation." I bet they are sorry now.


Oooooh, doing your job for a few months without being too obvious about not working. Much harsh. So punishment.

Promoted so that they can steal again.

Why do we need transit cops, anyway? Bernie Goetz will take care of problems for free.


Troopers and Boston police officers were sent to jail and lost their pensions for the exact same crimes. Why are Transit cops allowed to keep their pensions and not face jail time?

Two Lts. Making Police money in Massachusetts one of highest paid Law Enforcement unions in World. They scammed for less than ten grand each and not only disgraced their oath but must’ve lost their Pensions.
They would’ve been better off skimming off a drug bust or doing nothing but protecting and serving. Greed people it’s blind and dumb.
Sucks can understand but real foolish thinking

This amounts to a public announcement to all transit cops that if they want to steal public funds, not to worry about getting caught. Lashing with a wet noodle.


if you're going to steal from the state, just make sure to put it into an escrow account until the statute of limitations is hit.

Let's just hope they dont end up on some small town police force.

...and a stern tsk tsk.