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Workers at City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain vote to unionize

City Feed Unite reports that workers at the two City Feed stores voted 20-10 yesterday to unionize, as members of the Boston Industrial Workers of the World.


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Good for them. Can they get rid of tips once they are done unionized?

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Hoorah hoorah! Good work and many more to come

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They're unionizing at a place with two stores? For a job that is basically an after-school job you might have through college? Performative Drama Queens.

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You fuckin brahmin who has clearly never had to do any actually hard work in your life.

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Flattery will get you places!

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…. his own tuition or rent to a rent gauging slumlord while trying to get a degree.

Twit is full of shit.

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So it doesn’t open up until 4:00pm on weekdays? Oh wait…it opens at 7:00am…

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I'm legitimately confused by this comment, the implied vitriol, and its likes. The assumption that it's "just" an "after school job" is WHY we NEED UNIONS. And what is so wrong with treating "after school" workers with dignity and respect, anyway? Who exactly is getting hurt, here? Making inflmatory online comments is performative nonsense itself. Get a grip.

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No reason for people working at small businesses not to band together to make sure that fair treatment and pay are codified in their contract. If this "basically an after-school job you might have through college" is so minor of a deal, it shouldn't be hard for the union to work with the store to find an agreement that's fair to everyone.

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